Interested in Volunteering with MEN NYC?

Have a special interest or talent?  Join our MEN NYC community to guide us, increase our program offerings, and help accomplish our mission of changing the world one young man and mind at a time.

Our committees span across marketing, new programs, fundraising, and community involvement.

Please e-mail your resume to [email protected] to join the next MEN NYC committee meeting.  Send us your email and a brief description of areas that you are interested in and we can add you to our volunteer opportunity list for MEN NYC community initiatives.


Offer events, activities, and networking opportunities, in addition to venues for our students.

MEN NYC students are always looking for opportunities to get involved in the local community or check out inspiring events. Consider hiring MEN NYC students or find out more about our students and curriculum for upcoming events or possible collaborative networking opportunities.  If you have a space for our students, want to sponsor an event, or want to chat, let us know.


Join in on the MEN NYC Vision

Invite your family, colleagues, and mentees to learn more about MEN NYC Initiatives, volunteer, and donation opportunities.

Connect us to artists interested in teaching or facilitating workshops with MEN NYC.

MEN NYC is always open to new ideas and takes a forward-thinking approach to education and technology for the community.  If you have any ideas that you want to share or want to attend any of our workshops or events, please get in touch and we can make sure to follow up with any opportunities in the future.


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