Why M.E.N.?

Mentoring exposes young males to adults succeeding in a more diverse array of fields. Having a real life positive male role model is essential. Athletes and entertainers often represent unrealistic lifestyles.

“Black and Latino boys need to watch, observe and fully engage in the process of how an individual, who might look like him though I fully acknowledge that mentors of other races can be of significant value), maneuvered through failures, pitfalls and the other realities that come prior to the eventual achievement. They need to be in consistent and direct contact with individuals working to better themselves professionally and personally. They need to learn from others how to handle the frustrations that arise from doing new and exciting things, and learn how to turn obstacles into more productive outcomes for themselves. This happens optimally through direct and sustained mentoring.”

-Roderick Carey HUFFPOST Mentoring Matters, 2013

83% of American teachers are white females.
African American Women make up 6%
African American Men make up 1%

What does this mean? It means a black male can make it through an entire school system and never have a black male teacher. Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (1970) taught us that when children grow up never seeing themselves occupy non subservient roles, self doubt is unconsciously formed.

Unlike a traditional classroom, this program will encourage quintessential thinking as well as promote open discussions It will bring forth an open, honest based community which will give birth to a brotherhood and bond like no other.