Our Program Director

A. Stapha Stevens is the founder and director of Men Elevate Now, a mentoring program for NYC’s inner city youth. As a Harlem native who grew up without a father, Stapha is no stranger to the emptiness and agony that many youth today deal with on a daily basis. After a lifetime of facing his own series of trials and tribulations, Amostapha has committed his life to giving back to those struggling along the same path he traveled as a young man.

His deep passion for leading youth out of the bleakness of poverty and inner city struggles eventually led to the creation of Men Elevate Now, and few things bring Stapha more joy than showing young men how to avoid the pitfalls of street life, and follow the path to fulfillment, happiness and success. Today, Stapha serves as a Human Resources Manager for New York City’s Health and Hospital Corporation. When he isn’t mentoring youth or in the office, Stapha enjoys reading, fitness training and is the CEO of Next Generation Health & Fitness. His mission is and has always been to better the world. Mentoring young men is the first of many seeds he is set to plant, with one goal in mind; to make a difference.

After graduating from Rice High School, Stapha earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany.